The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority!! Making Texas Great!!

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is known as the leader in the business of building transportation system in Texas. This Mobile Authority has built almost all of the toll roads in Texas. This Mobile Authority was established in 2002 and is an independent government agency. This Mobile Authority does not have any kind of taxing authority, but it does have condemnation power.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is one of the best investments by the government because this Mobile Authority has grown its assets from 0 to $2 billion. This Mobile Authority has also financed other companies to make roads and other on road projects. This Mobile Authority does not need to make new roads to earn money because it can run on its own just by financing other companies and earning interest money from them.

This Mobile Authority has its own Board of Directors which consists of seven members including six males and one female. All of the directors are appointed by the County Commissioners Court. The positions of the directors are appointed by the Governor. Learn more about Mike Heilingenstein:

The board members are capable of bringing change in the Texas, and all of the Texans are thankful for the staff that is working for them because it is the staff who brings the project into a shape. Board of Directors only come up with a great vision which is always beneficial for the Mobile Authority. The staff members sacrifice their personal time to make those visions a reality.

The Mobile Authority provides its employees with the highest salary possible. This Mobile Authority also offers internships for younger people to experience their way of work and how they handle the things in this Mobile Authority. In return, the young graduates earn experience and can become hopefully the next member of the board.

Mike Heiligenstein is the chief of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and has a compensation package of $366,112. This salary fulfills all of the basic needs, insurance money, and car allowance. Mike Heiligenstein has taken this Mobile Authority to a whole different level and deserved to be the chief of this Mobile Authority. The Board of Directors believes that they are lucky enough to witness the business skills of Mike.

Mike Heiligenstein is also responsible who employs the staff members who work for the Board of Directors. Mike often looks for new employees for every new project and believes in this way he can get the most out of the Mobile Authority and earn a big sum of money.

This Mobile Authority works under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370. The Mobile Authority is allowed to implement a big range of transportation systems including airports, seaports or even transit services. The Mobile Authority is also permitted to issue revenue bonds to fund the great projects which will lead to the betterment of Texas.