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Are you a fan of nature and the wild? If you are, here are the best destinations that will lite up your mood and get you planning your next trip. Learn more: http://wildark.com/get-in-touch/

Botswana, Africa. The last of the big five animals are still surviving in this region. This is a tourism destination should be among the top choices of your list. Botswana is the home of the endangered elephants and bird species. A visit to this country might just get you that movie fantasy of taking selfies or patting the back of an elephant. The upcountry savannahs also have breathtaking sceneries, and with luck, you may just be in for a view of hunting lions or cheetahs! Watching that wild chase on National Geographic is nothing compared to the thrill of experiencing it first-hand.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Africa is blessed with various national parks and reserves that are a home to protected wildlife but, Queen Elizabeth national park stands out in that it doesn’t crowd out so much like the wilder beasts’ migration viewing in Serengeti, Tanzania. This park has quite some flora and fauna; the amazing tree-climbing lions, hippos, elephants, chimps, flamingos and other bird species and much more. The park also has a mix of spectacular clear lakes, volcanic craters, and thick altitude forest. Learn more: http://www.boursorama.com/actualites/france-australie-un-militant-nomme-pocock-957df1e469ce7025770028a1d82049f9

The two are just but an example of the best destinations that I had the chance to visit on my vacation last year. Here is a list of more tourism destinations;

  • Shark Bay, Western Australia-here you get a chance to see the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. It would take lots of courage to take a swim with them.
  • Canaima national park, Venezuela. The mountainous landscapes with table top mountains and magnificent waterfalls is a great scenery you ought not to miss this summer.

For my trips, I have had the opportunity to be catered for by Wild Ark adventure. Their organization of outdoor camping, animal viewing and photography is great. Their adventure packages are good and what’s even better for wild lovers is that part of the profits Wild Ark makes goes into securing lands for the protection of wildlife species.

Among the packages they offered me were; a safari guide experience to either South Africa, Botswana or Kenya, Eco-tracking and several others. The Wild Ark prices are also low compared to most of the travel companies. Imagine going for a 55-day hike on the wild for around $4,000, and even better, the tour guides help you learn survival skills of the wild!

Learn more: http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/


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