Trust Securus Customer Comments For Feature Selection

Relieve yourself from the huge fees associated with other inmate providers by becoming a part of the exclusive Securus Technologies network and stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility. Did you know some network providers put the cost of pricey celebrity endorses features with excessive surcharges. They strive to have a network with their customers in nibs says, CEO, Rick A. Smith. You can also use their interactive website to leave comments for other users. They are one of the first to answer to a stabilized network. Visit their website for more details and save.


Customer Initiated Features


online videos

– inmate emails

– 24 hour live support

– email stamps

multiple device access

– inmate voicemail


You can use their features at Securus on multiple devices. Answer the call for affordable telecommunications by going for the Securus network. They have grown their network customers to 246,000+ customers. Their remote visitation feature means you never have to leave home to visit. Get superior phone features with surveillance and monitoring. Choose the interactive telmate feature and get more ways to stay connected. Join the trusted Securus Technology family today and discover first-time promotional offers.