Jeremy Goldstein sets up the Jeremy L. Goldstein And Associates, LLC

Corporations are continually looking for ways of creating a sustainable economic environment, and they have put in place measures that ensure they do it right. The process has not been natural of late, and an attorney at law practicing in New York City called Jeremy Goldstein has firsthand information of what the situation can lead. It opens up a window for employees as well as seasoned investors in the business to lose.


Jeremy Goldstein served in leading companies such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon where he shared his acumen on the procedure of handling Earnings per share, or EPS. He also provides insights on an array of incentive-based programs.


The EPS are a positive venture regarding the manner in which employee incentives gets handled. The shareholders understand that the EPS is a critical influencer in prices of stock and the driver to buy or sell their shares. Also, it offers lucrative incentives for firms to raise the payout for each employee. Studies conducted recently indicated that those companies that incorporate EPS pay structure are relatively more successful than those that do not.


Critics of EPS argue that the use of EPS in an organization may result in favoritism and disrespect to CEOS of companies. They tend to believe that the metrics do not provide collective control thus allowing executives excessive power whether or not parameters are met following the EPS’ standards.


Jeremy Goldstein introduced a concession between actions for pro and anti EPS advocates. He notes that it was not necessary to do away with the pay per performance that acted as an incentive for efficient workplaces but hold the CEOS of the companies account for their actions. It was vital to ensure that the pay per performance matches with the long-term goals of the firm and matches the required standards.


Many years ago, Jeremy Goldstein started out practicing in the New York City before creating his practice referred to as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. The former New York University School of Law student worked on legal cases with many companies such as oil and petroleum companies, cellular companies, stockholder companies and banking companies on the issue of monetary legality.


The legal 500 as well as Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers listed Jeremy Goldstein among the top legal counsel. Besides, he has made immense contributions to the journal of law by offering the latest council and opinion on trending legal issues. Additionally, Jeremy donates to Fountain House.


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