US Money Reserve Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Harvey Victims

One of the most important duties of a company is to help the people round it. US Money Reserve is an excellent example of a company that is socially responsible for the People of Texas. The Texan based firm has been very helpful in raising funds aimed at helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane which hit the coastal area of Texas in August and sept of 2017 left thousands of people displaced.

According to Angela Koch who is the CEO of US Money Reserve, such a disaster can hit any person, and as citizens and people of Texas, it is their patriotic duty as US Money Reserve to help fellow Texans rebuild their homes and recover what was lost. The precious metal firm raised it contribution through its donors and vendors who made their donations through a youCaring page that was created. The money was later combined with other funds raised by the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). Together, they raised a total of $215,000.

The category four hurricane-displaced approximately 39,000 people. They were forced to go live in shelters. The Hurricane reached its optimum level on September 1st and submerged about one-third of Houston in water. According to Daniel Geraci who is the Executive Director of ADRN, they achieve their goal of helping victims through generous contributions and donations made by organizations like US Money Reserve. Covering such damages caused by catastrophic weather conditions are always very expensive, but many people are impacted through generous gift like the one made by US Money Reserve.

Austin Disaster Relief Network is a nonprofit organization that comprises about 175 churches in the greater Austin region. They work with trained personnel and volunteers that offer their resources and time to help victims of major and minor disasters that hit the area. Church members are trained on how to mobilize resources that are used to help victims.

US Money Reserve is Texan Based private firm that was founded in 2001. It distributes precious metals in the form of coins. The coins and products are US government-issued gold, silver and platinum. It is one of the largest private companies in the country to offer such services. The company works with other governments and has worked with thousands of clients since its inception ( The team at US money Reserve focuses on providing the best customer service and relies on their experienced specialist who has vast knowledge and more profound understanding of precious metal business aimed at offering maximum profit to clients.