Producer and Director – Randy Douthit

One may say that the accomplished television director and producer, Randy Douthit had humble beginnings in the business as he stated at a local television station in Portland, Oregon. It was at that KGW television station in Portland that he directed his first TV show called How Come which was a children’s show. During this time in his early career, Randy Douthit stuck to his belief that a person should be building their career doing something that they enjoy as it would be like not having to work a day in their life. In addition to that early children’s television show, local gabfest Seattle Today was run by him. Douthit moved on to work for CNN in the very beginning of its start doing talk shows in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. and feature stories in New York. As he continued to move forward in his career with CNN, he developed the show Crossfire and moved to the ranks of executive producer for that show. Crossfire presented political figures from the right being pitted against political figures from the left. Tom Braden, a liberal journalist, and Pat Buchanan, a conservative analyst, were the first hosts of Crossfire. Douthit did not sit idle as he was also busy producing Capital Gang, a weekly new show; in addition, to Larry King live. Douthit has been at the helm, producing many other shows such as Judge Joe Brown, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Jenny Jones. However, the gem of them all or at least the best known show that he produced for 25 years is Judge Judy. For 25 years Douthit was the executive product as it ran from 1996 to 2021. The show revolved around a tough but fair judge in Manhattan’s real-life family court. The judge being Judy Sheindlin. After the show Judge Judy ended, Judy Justice made its debut with Douthit directing 120 episodes.

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit has attained many accolades among those include being listed by Marquis Who’s Who as a noteworthy Producer. He has been recognized as a hardworking creative who knows how to get the job done in the world of television.