Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn From Egyptian hieroglyphics to internet blogs, the publishing industry has always been evolving. Of course, it takes true visionaries to devise new ideas and chart new courses of action.

Ross Levinsohn is just such a leader. With decades of media experience behind him, this Sports Illustrated CEO is moving the publication forward in exciting ways. And, at the same time, he’s profoundly influencing the rest of the industry.

A Sensational Career in Brief

Ross Levinsohn’s professional history is bursting with milestones and achievements. Below are just a few highlights.

After earning a communications degree from American University, Ross held leadership positions at HBO and CBS SportsLine. He later became the president of Fox Interactive Media and managing director at Fuse Capital.

At Yahoo, Ross ran the global media division and served as interim CEO. He was also the CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media and Tribune Interactive.

Ross even cofounded his own brand in 2014: Whisper Advisors, a leading corporate consulting firm.

Ross accepted the position of Sports Illustrated CEO in 2019. The following year, The Arena Group — the media company that operates Sports Illustrated — named him its CEO.

Revolutionizing Sports Illustrated

Over the past few years, Sports Illustrated has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for growth. That’s due to Ross’s strategies.

First, understanding the power of partnerships, Ross has established more than a dozen new licensing deals for the brand.

As a result, Sports Illustrated now sells apparel, books, and other consumer products. It offers admission to special ticketed events. It has a studio for producing movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. And it’s entering an extremely promising field: online sports betting.

In addition, Ross is concentrating on earnings from subscribers. He’s providing them with premium content, and he’s reducing subscription renewal fees to promote brand loyalty. Plus, Sports Illustrated now limits the number of free articles available to nonsubscribers.

By diversifying Sports Illustrated’s revenue streams and engaging with subscribers in new ways, Ross is securing a bright future for a beloved brand. Yes, with Ross Levinsohn at its helm, Sports Illustrated has truly turned the page.