Margie Hauser Kindness

Margie Hauser is an award-winning music industry veteran. She has helped operate the Los Angeles music industry for decades and has a wide breadth of experience in production, booking/talent relations, promotions/marketing/financial services.

Margie Hauser has devoted her time and expertise to empowering new artists. She volunteers to provide opportunities for young artists and industry pros to learn from each other in a collaborative setting.

Many attest to her kindness and genuine care for those around her – an aspect that has made her so widely respected within the Los Angeles music scene. Her energetic, positive attitude and energy are infectious, and she motivates those around her to move forward.

Her focus on channeling all energy in her into supporting and developing young artists has made her a force for good in the music industry.

It is a testament to Margie Hauser’s commitment and dedication that she has continued to produce and promote shows while mentoring and working with new artists, which she has carried with her for years.

Her religious upbringing and humanist philosophy form the foundation of her efforts with nonprofit and arts organizations in Los Angeles.

Margie Hauser believes in taking the time to get to know people personally. She considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to do so, and that ability accounts for her long-time relationships with clients, artists, and colleagues alike.

Today’s music industry is quickly changing as new technology eviscerates the old business models. Margie Hauser has been a trendsetter and groundbreaker in the music industry for decades, going back more than four decades. Her experience, wisdom, and talent for recognizing new opportunities and expanding on existing ones have helped her thrive in this challenging climate.

Her decades of experience make Margie Hauser a valuable asset to new and established musicians. Her continued success speaks volumes about her ability to stay abreast of the latest trends while respecting the time-tested traditions necessary to produce lasting results.