American Television Director and Producer Randy Douthit Continues His String of Success

Randy DouthitFrom the first time he saw television at four years of age, award-winning director and producer Randy Douthit knew he wanted a television career. As a child, he sold tickets to variety shows that he put on in his grandparent’s barn. At twenty-three, Douthit landed a position with KGW in Portland, Oregon. He learned that he was very good at producing and directing. While at KGW, Douthit became director of the local morning news program and a Peabody Award-winning children’s program, “Here Come.” He then went to King Broadcasting in Seattle, where he produced “Seattle Today,” a local news and entertainment program.

Randy Douthit jumped into the national spotlight when CNN hired him. He became the executive producer of “Crossfire” and produced a weekly news panel program called “Capital Gang.” Both “Crossfire” and “Capital Gang” won CableAce awards. His remarkable success at CNN continued in 1985 when he produced and directed the popular talk show “Larry King Live.” Douthit later joined Quincy Jones Entertainment to oversee the development of the sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Randy Douthit’s proudest achievement is conceiving, producing, and directing the legal reality hit “Judge Judy.” The program won three Emmy Awards. Douthit credits the success of “Judge Judy” with Judy Scheindlin, the program star, just being Judy. Judy says what others think and want to say but are afraid to do so.

Randy DouthitAfter “Judge Judy” wrapped up its final episode after 25 successful seasons, Douthit began production of “Judy Justice” for the IMDbTV streaming service. Many of the “Judge Judy” characters, including star Judy Sheindlin, came back for “Judy Justice.” Unfortunately, the new program’s production collided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Randy Douthit proved a versatile and adaptable leader as the production team quickly transitioned to pandemic mode. Judge Judy began to review cases remotely. Douthit produced 120 episodes over three months during the pandemic. His philosophy was to be quick and get it right. Douthit navigated the turbulence of the pandemic to find success with “Judy Justice.” It is one of the streaming service’s most popular shows and has been renewed for another season.