Amy’s Kitchen Veganetarian Foods- How it all Began

Amy’s KitchenThe very popular Amy’s Kitchen food line is all vegetarian and organic. It was created out of necessity. The married couple, who founded the company was seeking vegetarian and organic frozen food to eat while Rachel was on bed rest while pregnant with her and Andy’s daughter. Andy did not find, even at a natural grocer, anything that excited them both. Being a creative couple, they decided to start their own company to make really good and delicious vegetarian, organic food.

While Rachel and Andy were starting their company, Rachel gave birth to their daughter. They named her Amy. By December of 1987, only one month after Amy’s birth, Rachel and Andy produced their first product to take to market. That first product was a pot pie, an awesome all-time favorite of so many people who need a quick-ish meal and are seeking vegetarian foods.

At that point the Berliners realized that they probably has a big hit with their new pot pie. It was actually made by hand, in their own kitchen. Little Amy was asleep nearby. The name Amy’s Kitchen was the brain child of Rachel’s mother, Eleanor who thought of it in a dream she had.

Later that next year, 1988, Rachel and Andy knew that they had outgrown their home kitchen and they opened a large sized kitchen in Sonoma County, California. They had 8 employees at that time, including themselves.

Amy’s KitchenAs the year 1991 progressed, the Berliners were comfortable with their large kitchen and began to plan for the expansion of their brand by introducing both macaroni and cheese and burritos. What differentiated the meals they made for Amy’s Kitchen was a simple but huge concept. Each meal was made with careful attention to detail and they always included one special ingredient, love. That is what separates the food from Amy’s Kitchen from any other company, whether vegetarian and organic or made any other way. This process of meal preparation makes Amy’s Kitchen food never manufactured but created with love.

Today, the folks at Amy’s Kitchen produce many other foods, including the original pot pie, burritos, enchiladas, wraps, mac and cheese, soups, pizza and other entrees.

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